The expected Optician2020 impact is:

  • Time-to-market reduction of 65% compared to conventional processes:
    • Reduction in the time invested in the new models creation, parametrisation and validation.
    • Savings coming from the simplified catalogue building, the intelligent ICT management tools and the flexible production technologies used.
  • Cost savings of 40% obtained from the lack of stock maintenance and generation of obsolete parts.
  • Environmental footprint reduced to 50% due to transportation logistics savings and a more efficient use of raw materials.
  • Mini-factories access protocols will allow a new mini-factory set-up in 2 months thanks to the incorporation of new existing production sites able to produce frames and lenses.

Finally, from a consumers’ satisfaction point of view, Optician2020 technology allows:

  • Improved ergonomic comfort of the personalized frame. No annoying nose pads.
  • Better optical quality of the personalized lens
  • Improved aesthetics because most personalized lenses are thinner and lighter than conventional ones.
  • Exclusivity and fashion is made compatible with personal design choice.