Work Plan

The project deploys along eight Work Packages as follows:

WP1 will focus on the automated personalisation of the spectacles catalogue with user data gathered through a reliable scanner device.

WP2 will perform research on adapting production procedures for the components manufacturing and its post-processes. It includes additive manufacturing for polymeric and metallic frames, suitable post-processing for polishing and decoration, and spin coating and sputtering technologies for lens colouring and coating.

WP3 will develop the platform managing the personalized spectacles manufacturing and delivery through a network of available production sites, under the criteria of delivery time, costs, proximity and environmental impact.

WP4 is dedicated to key studies for a smooth industrial scalability of the project developments, including environmental impact assessment, regulatory implications and quality and risk monitoring.

WP5 focuses on tools and activities showing the mini-factory potential in manufacturing personalised spectacles in a first proximity cluster.

WP6 focuses on tools and activities demonstrating the mini-factories network concept, showing the flexibility and reproducibility by engaging new production sites in a second proximity cluster.

WP7 will assure the dissemination of the project results to different audiences and perform IPR management and activities towards the future exploitation of the project results.

WP8 will cover the financial, administrative and consortium coordination of the Optician2020 project.