Enjoy the Optician2020’s dissemination video!

The Optician2020’s consortium has just released a dissemination video, focused on how the project aims to demonstrate the sustainability of a new business model for personalized eyewear, delivered through a proximity production network, which would work like local mini-factories.

The Optician2020’s first video shows that the consortium is developing new tools and procedures for personalized design and a new personalized manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, new ICT platforms tools are being developed for managing the manufacture of personalized spectacles and delivery through a network of available production sites, in accordance with the criteria regarding delivery time, costs, proximity and environmental impact.

Optician is highly focused on demonstration. Demonstration activities are being carried out to test and validate the robustness and flexibility of the network of mini-factories and the quality of the manufactured spectacles.

By the end of the project, more than 200 EU citizens will have experienced the benefit of eyewear personalization.

Watch the video in our new Vimeo channel!

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